Monday, January 21, 2008

Frame Building at Hancock High School

Visited Hancock High School this afternoon to have a look at what the "A Team" is building for the car. Here they are below ...

Pictured left to right, Derek Webben (11th grade), Braden Hammerstrom (10th grade), Jake Korpela (11th grade),Ryan Wulbber (10th grade), Vinny Morin (11th grade), Martin Oja (11th grade), Josh Verran (11th grade), Lenny Johnson (12th grade) Not pictured are Blake Erikson and Jason Stromer.

Mark Koski, an intern from Northern Michigan University overseeing the construction project is reviewing the plan with Mary.


Andy said...

Hey Mary, Hey Sue,

The website and the blog look great! I'd like to see you post an explanation of your strategy.

Exactly how do you plan to freeze
a 1978 chevy nova in a big block of ice? What are the steps?

The Frozen Car Project said...

Hello Andy,

Thank you for your comment and question!


We plan to freeze the 1978 Chevy Nova in layers, pouring about 3-6 inches of water daily.

Tomorrow the form will be installed on our site and we'll pour the first 3 inches of water. Our plan is to proceed with this tactic to build up a minimum of 1 foot of ice and then evaluate the results. From there we'll make the next move based on the success of that procedure.

Stay Tuned!

John said...

i'm glad that your project is moving along so well. enjoy all that houghton/hancock has to offer because it's one of the greatest places on earth. i'll keep tuning in to see how it turns out.

john hughson
(anthony's friend)

The Frozen Car Project said...

Hi John!

It's largely because of YOU that we are now here. And yes, it IS great here. We like everything about this area: the people, the place, it's history...well actually, there's one thing: I'm not sure what to make out of squeaky cheese!