Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunny, Warmer Today

Although the weather today is pleasant it created a new set of questions for us. Should we continue filling the tank with water and risk an uneven freeze? Or should we wait & see what the weather does tomorrow? The forecast predicts showers and 40 degrees.


Anonymous said...

Surprisingly, I never talk about the war. This project has evoked a significant correlation in my opinion. Many Americans are quick to say that this war is being fought over oil, yet are unwilling to get out of their own "comfort zones" and dwindle their consumption of oil. If your car is your source of freedom, should you support this so called oil war?

The Frozen Car Project said...

Yes we are aware of the double edged sword in terms of mobility vs. carbon footprint. We are looking for more dialogue w/ this issue in mind. The problems with oil/war are manifold and it will take enormous adjustments to outstep the repercussions. One way is to remember the power you have in voting. Another way is to seek out personal solutions that are less consumptive. And then there is always the good old fashioned way of attending anti-war marches in DC! While we are here we are "car-less" spending 95% of our traveling as pedestrians. When we have to go to the grocery store, we use public transportation. It makes us think & plan more carefully about what we are buying, changing how we behave as consumers.