Thursday, January 31, 2008

Last Chance for Slush Romance

University photographer Joe Pyykkonen stopped by the site today & offered some pointers on slush patching. We tried his combo method of misting and slushing to further prepare the base for tomorrows positioning event. The Nova is slated to be lowered in the middle of the box appx 7:30 AM Feb 1st. The bucket was loaned to us by the MUB cafeteria. The lady who gave it to us said "Hope you don't mind your sculpture smelling like pickles."


Susie said...

I wish they had a webcam on this, I would love to see live feed and watch the lowering of the car, too cool!!

Sue(proud mom of a Techie)

WeasleWes said...

Details! I want details. Were they dill pickles, sweet pickles, kosher, hamburger slices?

The Frozen Car Project said...

Hi Susie: Last we heard they are working on the webcam so that's still in the works. (It had to be moved due to the change in site) But video was shot this AM & we'll see if it can be posted or not ... & Weaslewes: Not sure about those pickles, but a wild guess might be hamburger slices ... we'll ask the next time we're in the cafeteria ;)