Monday, February 25, 2008

Iced Nova


WeasleWes said...

A Frozen Masterpiece!
I have truly enjoyed watching this project begin, evolve, and eventually reach a very surprising conclusion.
Sue and Mary, you two are very talented artists but you actually may be better anthropologists.

Anonymous said...

awesome project!!
really suppise for me, i never seen like this in my country. coz there is no iced season in my country. by the way you are great :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing work. The Nova never looked so good. :)


Anonymous said...

This is an inspiring project which I was lucky to have worked with and had a little input.

This art was truly beautiful and connected on so many levels, esthetics, environment, community, identity, history, place, space, time, and many more.

And I know I was befriended by two awesome artists, knndred spirits, and wonderful fellow earthlings.

Anonymous said...

Really unique!
would like to know more.....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


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pedro velasquez said...

Artists Mary Carothers and Sue Wrbican havesportsbook created an interesting piece of automotive art on the grounds of Michigan Techbet nfl University. In an effort to encourage discussion of “society’s dependence on mobility” the artists have frozen a 1978 Chevy Nova into a solid block of ice
Why a 1978 Chevy Nova? The Nova was selected for its significance relative to the oil crunch of the

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this is really nice. you must have a great talent to carve that ice! and also a wild imagination!

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pedro velasquez said...

As an investigation of climate change in North America and questioning society's dependence on mobility, Sportsbook Carothers and Wrbican are taking on different elements: Ice and Time. During the winter of 2008, the artists will freeze a car into a solid block of ice in Michigan, the state of the birthplace of the automobile industry. Their chosen site is on the grounds of Michigan Tech University, online betting in Houghton, located on the western side of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Their target date for the unveiling of the ice block is February 4-10, 2008. As The Frozen Car thaws with the spring, the artists will document its demise and interact with the public. march madness Out of respect for nature they will embrace fluctuating weather patterns incorporating the element of chance into the project.

NovaBomb78 said...

So what happened to the car when the project was done?

Car Trading said...

that's really cool, I have never thought of a frozen car

Brad Fallon said...

What a great masterpiece! How I wish it will snow here in our country so I could also make my own Iced Nova! :)

Anonymous said...

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