Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pastys with Bob

We met Bob Pizzi. He was in town from San Francisco doing research for an oral history project on copper miners. His grandfather was a miner and he told us about a Woody Guthrie song about Calumet miners. The area is rich in mining history and he brought us information about MTU's Mineral Museum. The Museum is literally around the corner from the Frozen Car site. Bob took us out for the local delicacy "Pasty." On the way to lunch Mary discovered a wheel snowflake. At this point mineral formations and our project began to fuse in our imaginations.

After lunch Bob dropped us off at the Museum. A slab of native copper sheet is at the right. It comes from the White Pine Mine in Michigan.

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jfhiii said...

mmmmmmm, pasty. hope you're keeping warm.