Thursday, February 7, 2008

Winter Carnival All-Nighter

Tony Sturgeon and Michael Brush, both Computer Engineering majors are in front of the Frozen Car with Sue having a good time during the evening festivities that continued until 7 AM.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue and Mary:
After talking to you last night about some possible ideas to help with your dilemma, we noticed a potential source for some "instant" ice blocks very near your project. At the Evangel Baptist Church on Shelden Ave. (main drag into downtown), they have (2) columns of ice blocks and several others lying in the front of the church. It looks like they started a statue that didn't get finished. I bet if you asked them, the church would donate them to you to use as "fill" to reduce the amount of liquid water needed to freeze. I think that the MTU power plant guys that run the front end loaders fo snow removal would scoop the blocks up and deliver them to your project sight. Just a thought.

Best regards,

Jim and Sally Accetta
Carl and Rena Benz
Dan and Frankie Bonner
Ed Anderson

WeasleWes said...

Hey guys, how about a schedule for when you "water" your Nova.

Another thing, Mary, put a hat on.... you'll catch pneumonia.

The Frozen Car Project said...

Hi Jim and Sally, Carl and Rena, Dan and Frankie and Ed!!!

We really enjoyed meeting you and hope to see you again before your departure! (have you already departed?) We're going to look into acquiring those ice blocks. Maybe our new friend Buster from the motor pool will help deliver them to us. We are also considering seeing what we may conjure up as far as "ice harvesting" may go in general. We enjoy the connections it makes with the history of old fashioned refrigerator train cars. Another plan is to pack the inside the the Nova completely with snow, as well as the area underneath...hit it with water to freeze. We think with these factors combined we may just be able to make some serious progress. Hey, we appreciate all of your "thoughts."
Keep 'em comin'. We need to make some hard and fast decisions!

The Frozen Car Project said...

Schedule? Are you kidding?
If the Houghteners say that the forecasters might as well throw Tarot cards in order to predict the weather, you'll never see us operating on a schedule. Track the coldest time of day or night, and we're bound to be working.

Ah, I've got a fleece headband that I wear, but you probably can't make it out on the web cam. Got lots of hair too. Happy as a furry animal.

Anonymous said...

This won't harm the car will it? As a car guy, it pains me to see old American iron destroyed needlessly. Yeah, I even cringe when I see them wrecked in movies. I just stumbled across news of this project and it had me worried. I own a 78 Nova that I drive everyday, so this project hits close to home. I'm also an artist, but I don't think I could ever do something like that with my Nova for the sake of my art.

I wish you the best with the project, but I'm hoping the Nova comes out okay. If it needs a good home, I know where it could find one. Also, I'm always looking for parts. :-)

The Frozen Car Project said...

Hello Novabomb 78,

The Nova we are working with is merely the shell. It should be in fine shape once it emerges from the ice! Almost preserved via cryonics. No salt or anything detrimental in the water! E.D. (short for Ethyls' Daughter) was my car and she will probably go to one of the many guys who are standing in line once the project is complete. Never fear. No Novas destroyed!

Anonymous said...

No damage to the nova? Hah. You think you can soak steel sheet metal in water for days, freeze it for a month, and have it soak in water for weeks again as it thaws ... without the whole thing rusting into little pieces?

The Frozen Car Project said...

Dear Anonymous,

Engaging the public in dialogue concerning the symbolism of the object is part of the project. Can you tell us what the Nova represents to you?