Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Live Webcam Now Operating

Good news this morning! Scott Shannon informed us the webcam is now operating for the duration of the project. Clicking the image above* will send you straight to the site. After you've checked out the Frozen Car you can also explore the sidebar for views of the Winter Carnival statues created by MTU students & the cross country ski trails on campus. Added Bonus: Time & Temperature in Houghton at the bottom left of the page.
(* Note: If you go to the page & there is no image, just refresh your browser as there can sometimes be a problem with how the browser caches the pages.)


WeasleWes said...

The live Webcam is great! I love watching people wearing their coats and boots while snow is everywhere ...... it is 60 degrees here in Louisville with a high of 73 predicted. Global warming? Nahhhhhhh

The Frozen Car Project said...

Hello Weaslewes,

Yes, we are pleased that the web cam is now securely in its new position. We can see its little eye gazing at us from the library window just above. The temps are currently dropping. Check in tonight to witness some live action around the frozen car.

WeasleWes said...

I feel like a voyeur...... and I like it.

Seriously, how deep is the ice?

What about adding Kool-Aid, then when it melts you could serve slushies. Nova Slushies.
Cherry Nova Slushies.

The Frozen Car Project said...

Nova slushies on their way indeed!